A study shows air pollution from forest fires exacerbates existing lung problems.

Could you please look the other way while I change my clothes?

I'll be back in a minute.

Translate the underlined sentences.

Rainer burned his report card.

We need an iron bar.

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Harry and Ira were very close.

Those who don't smoke or drink will die healthy.

If you are not sure about the meaning of the word, look it up in your dictionary.

I'm prudent.

I'm going to do it for you.


I still need to get a haircut.

He kept it hidden from me.

They listened to the classical music sometimes.

Mother is the busiest in my family.

He always shows great determination in everything he undertakes.

They're both good chess players.

I don't need a flu shot.


Sorry, I think I have the wrong number.

You can wear your undershirt.

The color goes against her taste.

Novorolsky rolled down the window.

We ran out of gas on the way there.

How much do ten paper plates cost?

Support the local enonomy while getting drunk!

I wish I had brought an umbrella.

Where do these come from?

I was just here yesterday.

I hear the hubbub of the children in the background.

You must give great writers of the past the most attention in your reading.

You must have forgotten them at the office.


I've been boxing since I was thirteen.


I'd be happy to get it for you.

We bought her a necklace.

Chuck is his own worst enemy.

You guys are really clueless.

She was afraid to travel alone.


Our lives are determined by our environment.

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They joined us.

They left.

This song reminds me of my childhood.


You want to leave here, don't you?

I think that Ricky lives somewhere around here.

I tied my dog to the tree in the yard.

Eileen Collins was born in Elmira, New York in 1956.

That can't be good for you.

Why do you think?

Sue isn't very efficient.

William painted the room in a jungle motif.

I think he is planning something.

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Naren thought the little place on the corner might be a good place to eat.

I don't practice the piano as often as I should.

The train began to move.


Several children are playing on the beach.

Siegurd got on his horse.

Four hundred fifty black pilots were in the group.


Whenever I visited the island, I was impressed with the beauty of nature.


We found out a secret door behind the curtain.

It makes no difference whether you agree or not.

He is studying at Kyoto University.

After having anal sex with my girlfriend, we usually need to have a good wash.

I don't see how that would be possible.

It seems he spent many a night unable to sleep.

I have already seen this man.


You don't look anything like him.

You don't owe them anything.

I wish Marcel would do that.

Ricardo says Caroline wasn't at the meeting.

Eat more vegetables.

Just don't tell Glen I sent you.

In schools everywhere sports-wear is all spats and shorts.

Ross's reply surprised Vijay.

Tricia jumped out of the car.


I think it certain that she will succeed as a singer.

It's pretty good.

That's my conclusion as well.


I sacrificed everything.

The townspeople were astonishingly naive about what the smugglers were.

Lenora can face death with so much serenity.


I'm addicted to translating sentences from French into English on Tatoeba, and Spanish is tempting me sorely.

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I'm eating a banana.


Things change from time to time, and one should change with them.


Both countries entered into peace negotiations.


I was able to find the book I was looking for.


Darin seemed somewhat disappointed.

I need to discuss something with you.

Micky liked to gamble.

Are we really that old?

When was the last time you and I saw each other?


The boy went to school.

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Kumi made a box.

The rumor has no foundation.

Water spouted from the broken faucet.

Could you jot down your address and I'll be by to pick you up, say eight?

Let's not have any more foolishness.

Sugar is soluble in water.

The red lines on the map represent railways.

He is playing.

I buy the goods at $3 a dozen.

Give us a call as soon as you get to Boston.

Are your German books good?

She was on edge till she heard from her husband.

It's the bite of a spider.

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The vaccination left a funny little mark on my arm.

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Delbert lost his fight with cancer.


Let Marci come.

Mr. Smith is now on duty.

"What time will it be?" he wondered.

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Tal started the coffee brewing, then checked his email.

Stephan is still trying to mend fences.

She was intent on her book.

It'll take you a few weeks to get used to wearing a wig.

This is very useful.

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I heard that you two had a fight.

Who speaks your language better, men or women?

I'm very much in favor of this.

He borrowed from his brother to finance the loss he made on the project.

The tornado left a trail of destruction in its wake.

I didn't think you were interested.

Doing that would be stupid.


It was torture for him to see his girlfriend with another man.

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I never stop thinking about it.


They became close friends.

Could you remind me to call my academic advisor at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow?

You're the only person I know besides me who likes medieval music.

He voiced his opinion in a letter to the Newsweek magazine.

Don't you read a newspaper?

The animals are running.

How's your investigation going?


The tribal wise man shared his knowledge with all the young.

Now start singing.

I hate her.

This story belongs clearly to no genre.

Rich as he is, he is not contented.


I didn't know why I wasn't supposed to go to that part of town.


Santa is a nice-looking boy.

A firewall will guarantee Internet security.

I wish I didn't have to deal with this.


I could use some help.


The new house is here.

The more skills one masters, the greater contribution one can make to society.

A democracy requires accountability, and accountability requires transparency.

He always makes a fool of others.

He refused to eat his lunch.

I'm going mad.

That one's got some guts!

He bought her flowers.

She'll never forgive me.

Masanobu is staying at a motel while his house is being painted.

Man is mortal.

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None of us are against her idea.


Do you think you're modest?

They say that garlic repels mosquitoes.

I can't remember the tune of that song.

After all that, the pain went away.

Were you spying on me?

I have to repeat it.

Your singing would put a professional singer to shame.


I am very grateful to you for what you've done for my family.


I don't like the bad boy.